Ultimate triple setup for a music gig

There are no limits for multitasking musicians who can play several music instruments. Besides flexibility in terms of serving various events whether it's a DJ-party or another chill cocktail hour – there is a real chance to engage audience by having a multi-instrument setup on stage.

This year I'm happy to introduce my new Ultimate Triple Setup which features saxophone, keys and DJ-deck. Probably this is one of the unique moments when P.Mauriat, Clavia Nord and Pioneer meet each other at one time and in hands of a single performer.

Triple setup is a nice choice in case of playing longer sets and switching between instruments and styles while on stage. You can start with some lo-fi chillhop beats and develop through House to EDM.

And don't forget to add some vocals for even better experience!

#musicgear #gig #musician #stage #touring #pioneer #nordelectro #dj

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